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Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2020
Türöffnung: 20.00 Uhr
Beginn: 20.00 Uhr
Eintritt: Kollekte (Kein Vorverkauf)


There are three questions hidden in this question, which will be answered in this workshop: “hierarchy?”: what do we mean with this, and what is freedom, what do we want exactly? “emergence of hierarchy?”: how can hierarchy pop up and grow? “How to stop the emergence of hierarchy?”: how can we be able to fight for its downfall, which methods of self-organization exist? This activity wants to inspire to live without coercion. But today that seems farther than ever. Because hierarchy no longer expresses itself as before, and because we often know the problems, but not how to get rid of them. So this workshop uses a new, mathematical and systematical, perspective to look at the matter. “Aargh, math?”, you think? Well, to me mathematics ≈ radicality: it is about going to the root of matters, to reveal underlying mechanisms. On this simplification it is easier to let your imagination go loose, to create a completely new world. So no worries: no mathematical background is required. Concretely this workshop will be interactive, with games to clarify certain mechanisms, and discussion on how we can use these mechanisms in practice. Want to already read more? Then check https://mathematicalanarchism.wordpress.com/ So put on your mask, and come check it out! If possible, bring your own stuff to avoid having to share things: paper en pens to write and draw, post-its, something you can throw at someone (like a ball).

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