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Tales of Wrath Festival 2024


Tales of Wrath Festival 2024

Donnerstag, 9. Mai 2024
Türöffnung: 18:30 Uhr
Beginn: 19:30 Uhr
Eintritt: 35

Tales of Wrath Festival is back! Another year, another edition of the Tales of Wrath Festival!

✺ Radon
Witness the freshly emerged blackened Sludge Beast “Radon”! A gnarly mix of doomy riffs, blast beats, shrieking vocals and a distinct Lo-Fi Sound that reminds you of early Hellhammer are just some of the trademarks this Zürich Trio packs. Check them out!

✺ Wake
We are beyond excited to finally present an all time favorite artist to you! The canadian quintett “Wake” started as a more traditional Grindcore outfit and slowly but steadily progressed towards being one of the most refreshing atmospheric contemporary Death Metal Acts. Do not miss!

✺ Vigljos
Obscure Oldschool Beehive Blackmetal?! Count us in! Switzerlands sweetest Blackmetal Band “Vigljos” will be revealing their first full length at Tales of Wrath! Expect a ferocious mix of 90s second wave sound with synth shades, tremolo picking, rock’n roll riffs and beats, all backed by atmospheric mellotron tracks.

It must have been aages since we last had a Czech Band in our roster, therefore we’re even happier it is not any Czech Band but “FDK '' who, since the early 2000s, are pushing their impressive brand of Post Hardcore. Heavy walls of sound, tender melodies and crushing beats make their catalog a must for Post Hardcore fans. Drown in sound!

✺ Moloch
The UK is known for quite a lot of grimey Sludge Acts and “Moloch” surely are amongst them! A bulwark of sheer negativity paired with Vocals gurgling from madness and despair. Nothing to go on an easy listening playlist, but a treat for the lost and depraved!

Doors: 18:30

Showtime: 19:30

Tickets: https://www.petzi.ch/de/events/55975-hirscheneck-tales-of-wrath-festival-2024/

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