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Safety First!


Safety First!

Samstag, 20. April 2024
Türöffnung: 23:00 Uhr
Eintritt: 10/15/20 (Kein Vorverkauf)

Safety First is proud to announce that the stars have finally aligned : 4/20 is on a Saturday and Hirscheneck is happy to host the first official HERBZMÄSS !

We have a stellar line up of homegrown organic artists who are chronically addicted to music and are sure to bring high energy to the hot box. Now with the mandatory puns out of the way, let's see whose rolling up to the function. (Sorry)

????F1-PV : Aswell as being a booker for the legendary Kraftfeld in Winterthur, F1PV is known for playing solid sets of UK bass flavoured techno and related genres, aswell as BUDOTS. We have specifically requested a BUDOTS set for Herbzmäss! BUDOTS is a genre of music from the Philippines characterised by a stripped down structure involving squeaky noises, kick drums and frequent producer tag shout outs. It's somewhat like a Phllipino version of ghetto house but way more fun and not mysoginistic. ???? F1-PV has roots in the Philippines and has picked up lots of exclusive mp3 dubplates on his travels there. You literally won't hear these tunes anywhere else!!

????SALOME J is an artist hailing from Georgia (the country) and based in Basel. She is somewhat of a mystery booking for us, we saw her play some bangers at a party a while back and knew that she would fit right in at one of our events. We are excited to see what strains of tunes she'll be packing this time around.

????klon is someone we've known since 2016 when he booked the artist formally known as DJ PostFinance to play at his 21st birthday party in Lausanne. The intervening years have seen him produce high octane bangers, throw some amazing parties (including our truck at jungle street groove 2022) and found the VLF sound system along with some very lovely friends. klon took the Berlin pill a while back so we are happy to host his homecoming set, mostly because we just love hanging out with him ????????????

Also on the bill are of course the resident SAFETY FIRST ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE DJ TEAM







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