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INFIDELS: Sentimental Rave [F] Lord Soft [CH] Acid Waterfalls [CH]

INFIDELS: Sentimental Rave [F] Lord Soft [CH] Acid Waterfalls [CH]

Freitag, 16. Februar 2018
23:00 Uhr
Eintritt: 15.-

Future / Rave

„Sentimental Rave’s music marries melancholy and brutality; tracks that begin ambient, airy, and synth-laced end as stomping, sweaty gabber. Throughout, she reconstructs the sound of a traditional gabber track, isolating the flashy synth, slowing it down, and giving it a pleading quality, layering it with her own distorted vocals or rap samples, and consistently breaking the usual 4/4 rhythm structure. This balance of soft and hard is even reflected in her name: ‚Sentimental because I’m sensitive and addicted to love,‘ she says, ‚and rave for the harder side, my night alter ego.‘“ (Bandcamp) 

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